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Racing parts for quad

Are you running a Hyosung/Goes or a UM MTX 450 R on streets and are looking for better road handling? Choose my racing parts! Together they will give you road handling in racing class.

Lowering kit, Anti sway bar, road tires, etc.

I bought my second Quad, a Hyosung 450R, a year ago. Every ride gave me a big smile,  much due to the power of the motor. The road handling was another matter – it needed much improvement. Going on the highway at 110 kilometers per hour was a bit like Russian roulette.

New road tires, new braking pads and steel brake hoses improved the handling, but it was far from enough. The hunt for a lowering kit begun, but I could not find anything that looked okey. Since I work as an engineering manager, I decided to develop my own a lowering kit.

I have driven my Quad with the lowering kit for a while (nearly 2 000 kilometers). It is amazing what a 12 centimeters lowering kit will do for the road handling. Now the Quad tracks very well and it is stable at high speeds (my Quad´s top speed is 145 Km/h).

These kits are now for sale. More people should be able to get the same performance without digging to deep in their pockets. I will also give you information about settings for shocks and wheel adjustment.


Product description

The front parts simply fits into the bottom shock mounts. The shock then mounts to the other end of the lowering bracket. My lowering kits sits flat on the stock arm. Gusset plates keeps them from swinging when the front wheels are off the ground. Perfect for ice racing , flat track racing or just added stability.


The rear lowering link is similar in design to the stock U-link. It has slide bearings and a grease fitting. It is built from steel brackets welded to a steel bearing carrier. This U-link allows you to choose between two lowering settings.

You can lower your Quad by 12 centimetres with this kit . Please contact med for further information.


Magnus Kalling

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Email: magnus_kalling@hotmail.com

Magnus Kalling
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